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Munich, Germany +49-89-12017569

Whom do we address?


Entrepreneurs and investors who can’t find experts for particular technical tasks in their own country.


Project leaders who are looking for independent expert planners or managers for their projects.


Individuals who have technical questions or need qualified assistance.



Civil Engineers

Foundation engineering, structural engineering, building services, environmental engineering, mining engineering

Chemical Engineers

Metals, ceramics, petroleum refinery, plastics, paper, textile engineering

Food Engineers

Food processing, food processing machinery, packaging, food ingredients manufacturing, instrumentation and control engineering

Mechanical Engineers

Automotive, aerospace, marine and transport engineering, robotics, sports engineering, acoustical engineering

Agricultural Engineers

Farm machinery and equipment, farm buildings and structures, bioenergy, soil and water management and conservation

Logistics Engineers

Transport, warehousing, supply chain management, lifecycle management, reliability engineering

Electrical Engineers

Automation and control, telecommunications engineering, power generation, electric power transmission and distribution, energy efficiency and sustainability

Applied Engineering Specialists

Management of industrial and high-tech companies, complex engineering projects, manufacturing processes, quality control

German Engineer’s Toolbox

It is not only the knowledge of our engineers that determines the success of our projects, but also the methods they use. We have the most advanced tools to complete all engineering tasks.

CAE Tools

Tools for design, analysis and system optimization. Software for computer-integrated production planning, manufacturing and quality management.

Project tools

Tools for staff and resource scheduling, time tracking and invoicing. Project communication and documentation in one software solution.

Travel service

We provide our engineers with all required travel documents, insurance, and on-site support, so they can fully dedicate themselves to their work.



Business owners

Business owners love our engineers because they work thoroughly and all their actions are geared towards sustainability.

Your employees

Many of our engineers are experienced managers and they do know how to train and motivate employees.

Project managers

Besides thoroughness, reliability is one of the great German virtues. Our engineers work pursuant to the estimated project costs and always meet the deadlines.

Your suppliers

We can help you find new suppliers and train the existing ones. Our engineers know what services one can expect from a supplier and how to keep all involved parties happy.

Your customers

We help you produce internationally competitive products. Our engineers have worked at major German companies and know exactly what such customers wish and demand.


  • German engineer has helped me find a perfect supplier for a precision part. In addition to this they always support me during the negotiations with my partners and customers in Europe.
    Dmitry Matveev, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • German engineer provided us a very good conveyor technique specialist for a four-month-long ramp-up of our new production facility.
    Mark Evans, Birmingham, UK
  • During the construction and commissioning of our new factory German engineers were responsible for the coordination of our European suppliers.
    Phil Mogilev, Charleston, USA
  • With German engineer we got a qualified replacement for our employee in just one day.
    Eva Rabi, Győr, Hungary
  • German engineer provided a great specialist for the design and construction of our industrial bakery.
    Anonymous customer, Russia